Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Tara Sample 3-3

It may come as a great disappointment to some, that I have never even played/watched/participated in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh… While some others may have no idea that the title of this post is a reference to said game/cartoon.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Honestly, it’s just a phrase that makes me laugh, partly because someone used the phrase once to sarcastically mock the devolution of my ‘master race’ – and also because of the several times it’s referenced by Griffin Mcelroy. (#mbmbam)

Just recently I had the pleasure of getting deep into a discussion on photography, and I was talking about my love for the tones and contrast accessible in black and white photography, like my photo above…but that there are times, especially in landscape and wildlife photography – where color is a part of the story…and I made a BEWD reference that completely slipped by this individual (to their credit?)

It’s been a while since I embraced the photographic fire inside myself… Sure, I see and capture images all the time with my phone, and on some levels I find ways to express myself in this manner…but regardless of results, the intentionality is not ferocious or focused – it’s all a matter of observation and casual recording.

I CRAVE the hunt… seeking out stories… knowing there is a person/place/thing that I just have to capture. I might have referenced my desire to photograph the desert tortoise, here in Nevada (haven’t found any yet…but I haven’t really pursued it too hard either…wrong time of year)

Lately I’ve been thinking about several trips I’ve made in the last several years, where the prime focus was all about building out my portfolio and seeking storytelling in image-form… I miss those excursions. I’m not in a place where the logistics are not prime to up and disappear for even a day or two…but I am on the road to opening windows towards exactly those kind of opportunities.

Soon. Photographic adventures. Please. Thank you. (those are the kind of clumsy universe-prayers that are generated from me, as of late)

I think it’s probably healthy – not just for myself, but for many others – to line up exciting and/or interesting passion projects, before the post-holiday, dead-of-winter blues really take hold. Keep yourself hyped and ready for the impossible. Embrace the muse when she gifts you with an idea or expression.

I’m the sensical turtle, and I’m preparing for a dragon hunt.

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