Start DOING.


I’m all about strategy, planning, idea-making, brainstorming, analysis, etc. This is a good thing…however, it’s not enough. And when I attempt to coordinate with another individual who hosts similar strengths, there comes a time when it’s ok to think about collective weaknesses…and then address those weaknesses.

One of the biggest problems I have, is that I would truly benefit from the decisive nature and execution of a ‘Type A’ personality, stirred into the mix, but if I don’t have a solid amount of respect, and/or feel like that individual isn’t in the right hemisphere, when it comes to creativity and execution – I do not play well.

Before anything ‘gets done’ I am a perfect ‘idea guy’ – as I not only have a varied exposure to experience in both the business world, but also with creative and artistic projects. In a world where wish-lists include ‘people that think outside of the box’, I LIVE outside of the box, and observe everyone inside, from a wide-angle perspective.

Once things are underway, I have an excellent grasp of statistical analysis and optimization – and that feeds back into my strategy/planning roots.

Here’s the problem – I get caught up in my head, and become paralyzed into not taking action.  Whether it’s because I’m a perfectionist, or easily distracted, or just plain tired – my lone wolf attempts to grow something wonderfully gigantic always fall prey to my inability to stay on task and actually DO SOMETHING (meaningfully…consistently…etc.)

2019 is going to be the year of DOING SOMETHING for me… It’s already decided, and because I hate New Year’s Resolutions on Jan 1st, I’ve already started down this path.  In fact, this very website is one manifestation of me DOING. I love writing and sharing my viewpoints and ideas…but I quite often keep these ideas locked up in my head. Producing little notes/articles on varied topics may feel somewhat random, but it’s feeding the positive reinforcement meter inside my brain – so I can feel satisfaction and confidence that I CAN work on a project like this, over time, and stay on track.

So, if you’re reading this, you are witnessing a crossroads manifest and merge into a human form… Pretty exciting, eh?

I’m the sensical turtle, and I’m just doing it.

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