New forms of storytelling, pt. 1


Ok, when I say ‘new’ – what I am really referring to are types of media/storytelling that have been growing in quality and popularity (even if they’ve been around for a while)

Today’s topic: Podcasts

In the not too distant past, podcasts were more of a fringe product – but as we become a society that enjoys audio delivery of entertainment – while commuting, on road trips, or just while going for a walk – the scale of production and overall entertainment continues to scale up.

Now, this might point more towards the content of who I am, as opposed to the podcasting medium – but I’ve been finding more and more when I DO find something I adore, I get completely immersed.

In my head, I tend to break up podcasts into 3 major categories that I am consistently devouring. I’ll list them, and provide my current, favorite example(s) within each sub-genre.

  1. The nonsensical comedic talk show. There are many candidates for me in this category, but nothing can come close to my intense love for the McElroy Brothers, and MBMBAM (My Brother, My Brother, and Me). Over the years, their presence in my ears has been a comedic comfort that I look forward to each week… and I often re-listen to previous podcasts.
  2. The informative learn-something show. Again, so many brilliant podcasts – and because RadioLab automatically gets universal love and praise (deservedly so) – I’m going to go ahead and list 2 others that I can’t get enough of: Imaginary Worlds and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.
  3. Serialized Fiction. This category has been around for a while, but I haven’t always been a fan. Sometimes it feels like the productions try to hard to have sound effects and production value…but then don’t spend as much time on the actual plot or script…  This has changed in the last couple years, and SO many outstanding productions have really made the genre their own. I have so many new shows to dive into, when I get the time – I’m pretty excited about several of them. But right NOW, here are 4 that I heartily recommend: Limetown, Bubble, The Bright Sessions and Ars Paradoxica.  (Special Mention for another McElroy brothers, and dad, show – The Adventure Zone. It’s focused around the brothers and dad hilariously role-playing – but it grows into fantastic storytelling)

I am personally very interested in diving into podcasting – but like with many things, I get through the brainstorming stage – have absolutely brilliant ideas…and then I do nothing with them. It’s the curse of being beautiful, or so I am told…  If only I could trade some of this inherent gorgeousness for motivation.  One day science will catch up and help me become a more productive artist.

I’m the sensical turtle, and I own a nice microphone.


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