Too Soon? Whatever.

christmas tree with baubles

I can’t quite explain when the transition took place, but I have grown to unabashedly love the Christmas holiday season. There was a while when I was immersed in the cynical hatred of commercialism… as well as a time when the concept that we can only be filled with tenderness and compassion for a small, specified window was downright maddening.

But I discovered that, not only in this circumstance, but always, I prefer to bask in as much love and joy and selflessness that I possibly can. There are so many aspects of my life that are outside of my control – folding in on themselves in a continuously constricting net of physical or emotional pain and stress… Life truly is too short to allow negative circumstances to dictate thoughts, feelings, actions, etc…

Which brings me to my extremely mild rebellion – I celebrate Christmas whenever I feel like it. Sometimes that means Christmas music in July… sometimes that means decorating my office workspace with garland and snowmen and polar bears on November 1st.

I’m not doing this for ‘you’ or anyone outside myself (however if it DOES spread some ‘out of season’ joy, then huzzah!) I choose to create meaning, and willingly step through that door.

I cant stress enough how aware I am that I am a deeply flawed individual. I am not seeking praise or acknowledgement. Sometimes I like to bring a tiny ounce of happiness or laughter or stress-relief – which is nothing earth-shattering…it’s just a flash of the better edge of humanity.

Sometimes I do magic tricks, sometimes I tell fantastical stories that unfold across the country, sometimes I play with cats, sometimes I build box forts in storage rooms of government facilities…and sometimes I celebrate Christmas at times of the year that aren’t considered appropriate.

So instead of complaining or looking for the annoying or ugly things to latch on to and be angry and tired and bitter about – how about you devote that energy into seeking something…anything…that can bring you, and others, joy.

I’m the sensical turtle, fa la la la la, la la la la.


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