I think one of the greatest gifts one can receive is the idea that you can defy the impossible.

Another way of thinking about it is to not let yourself be caught up in the expectations of the world around you…but I think it’s more fun to think of it as ‘conquering the unconquerable’ or ‘breaking the unbreakable’ or ‘languishing the unlanguishable’

I don’t know why, but I spent a lot of time this week thinking about how truly remarkable it is that anyone can raise a child in the world we live in, and have that child turn out even ‘ok’… but then you have single moms (and dads) who raise 1…2…5…kids… What? That’s just impossible to me. I am in awe of those with the fortitude and creativity and heart for such accomplishments.

I’ve always felt the pull of breaching the impossible barrier… Now, I’m not saying that if I really want to, I can become a starting NFL quarterback now… I’m not one of those people that say anyone can do anything…that’s a huge lie. Everyone has limitations, and we do a disservice to imply otherwise.

On the other hand, I am not suggesting we blindly limit the scope of anyone searching for meaning on their particular journey. If I was TEN, and was dreaming about becoming a NFL quarterback, that dream, conceivably, could have been possible – and encouragement may have been beneficial. If anyone encouraged me to go for it now, they would be hastening my arrival to the end of this particular iteration of life.

As in everything, context is key. That being said, I am building up more and more confidence that the impossible gifts locked within me, are on the verge of bursting forth in resplendent glory.

I am at a wondrous crossroads in life where I am caught up in the contradictions of limitation and possibility. I am a creature of near infinite creativity and wit, who is constantly hampered by fear and pain… And I am understanding, now more than ever, that the love I feel is not an accident. The person I am is not an accident. There are pathways and intricate levels of growth and interaction that transcend the surface of observable experiences I have lived through.

I am not confident of any particular divine influence – not the shape or flavor – but whether it be by design or a nigh-infinitely complex cascades of improbability – I live, I laugh, I create. I am writing this now as a soul tethered to the expectation that I am  going to contribute my great story.

I’ve often wondered: When? (this is a question that has ties to tiny intricate situational aspects of my life, as well as gigantic life-altering decisions)  It’s clear to me now. The answer. To life, the universe, and everything. Is, in fact, 42.

I’m the sensical turtle, and I am ‘the’ answer.

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