The Spirits Return

eerie forest

Following my post from several days ago, I was confronted with the following question:  “So, you’re saying if I’m telling you that I have, for a fact, seen spirits, multiple times – the same one, a little girl, at my family’s house when I was younger – you would either think I was lying or hallucinating, repeatedly?”

The answer is..maybe. I mean, those ARE two possibilities. However I think it would be more accurate to once again express how much I don’t know – so I only have opinions and thoughts and theories – nothing substantiated by any definitive physical experience(s).

That being said, I do have several theories about spiritual encounters, some of which have nothing to do with ‘the dead’ – but to dive into those, I need to establish a few rules for this particular train of thought.

First of all, we are operating under the ‘what if’ rule that we are, in fact, one dimension/one Earth – in a multiverse of near infinite other Earths, all existing near each other, but dimension-adjacent.

Second, we need to shrink down our egos and acknowledge the basic building blocks of who/what we are, in a literal, physical sense. I know it’s just scratching the shallowest of divots, but let’s take a look at the atoms that make up our component pieces…and the electrons, protons, quarks, neutrinos, muon particles, etc, etc…  In a very real sense, we are essentially made up of empty space – statistically speaking anyway…due to all of the space in-between our tiny little parts.  If you took the ‘true’ mass of the entirety of the human race – all 7 billion+ of us, removing all the empty space between subatomic particles… we would all fit into a space the size of a sugar cube.

It’s energy and magnetic fields, and a hundred other things that give us perceived mass. I don’t even want to get into the physical housing requirements of what many refer to as ‘the soul’ – consciousness is just puzzling, quantifiably speaking…

At ANY rate, back to the question of spirits/ghosts…  Given the parameters I have mentioned, I think it’s not only possible, but even mildly reasonable to expect that some experiences that we collectively may believe to be the spirits of our dead family members or ancestors, are in fact some sort of energy expenditure from a parallel Earth – rare crossovers tied to quantum entanglement/teleportation perhaps.  And the nature of what is exactly causing the disruption, could determine whether something was humanoid/spectral in appearance…manifesting as sound only…or perhaps a ball of light.

I guess I’m saying that when it comes to defining a conversation about spirits as either ‘they are disembodied souls of humans who died, and are tethered to this physical realm due to ‘unfinished business’ OR anyone who says they’ve seen a ghost/spirit is a liar/insane…is, at best, limiting. Keep your brain open, friend.

I’m the sensical turtle, and I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

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