Let’s Talk About Something Good


If you happen to be reading these posts in sequential order – and why wouldn’t you, you’re not an animal – you might pick up a wee bit of negativity, when I address the whole of humanity. Rest assured it is a slightly exaggerated stance. And to prove it, let me take a moment to tell you about one of the two greatest evidences that humans may have some kind of value.

Human beings create art.

Whether it’s an astounding work of architecture, a perfect jazz album, a statue seemingly carved out of the cosmos itself, paintings that invite you in to explore, or movies that change the course of your life – there is a never ending parade of examples that demonstrate humanity’s ability to imagine, tell stories, and become so much more than the basest of our instincts.

I don’t flippantly throw out these accolades, because, you see, I am an artist. And the truly amazing thing is that being an artist is not defined by how people in the distant future feel about your work. Being an artist is just about DOING. If you want to be a writer, write. If you feel the calling to act, find somewhere to act. If you’re 58 years old and never touched an instrument, but feel the banjo calling your name, go get one.

Being an artist and being an exquisite artist are not necessarily always the same thing, but if you do nothing, you will never be either. And why are you holding back a potential exquisite artist from a world that desperately needs all the magic it can get?

And let us not skip over that word ‘magic’ too quickly… as I hope it hits hard, and keeps hitting. Telling stories and creating art – these are pathways to the divine, if I’ve ever seen them (also, climbing trees and kissing cute people are on that list) If you are remotely intrigued by that ‘something’ within yourself, that is almost impossible to define…some inkling of a possible spark that is beyond cell walls and the firing of neurons… Diving into great art… experiencing…creating it… will teach you a new language to express spirituality.

I know fear of failure (or mediocrity), being busy…tired…overwhelmed… there are just so many obstacles to stand in your way of scratching that artistic itch you’ve likely been feeling somewhere, for a while. If you’re intrigued, but SOMEthing is holding you back… maybe start small – go to a museum, read a book, find some medium that intrigues you, and bask in the work of others. Let a lineage of geniuses form a circle around you, and see if you walk out seeing the world just a little bit different.

I’m the sensical turtle, and I’m a photographer/writer/storyteller, and damn proud of it.

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